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30th September

IN the final analysis, individual human revolution is most vital in faith. The important point is that the members’ rich humanity, their attitude towards living, and the condition of their families should be respectworthy enough to convince others of the greatness of their faith and thereby cause true Buddhism to spread naturally.

WITHOUT religious convictions, you cannot have convictions about life. Without a firm faith, a profound view of life is impossible. The choice of religious faith is the most fundamental choice in our lives.

THOSE who have a firm grasp of the reason and purpose for which they are engaged in a particular undertaking are strong. If this basic point is firmly established, then your life will be free of confusion. No matter how painful the circumstances, you will not lose heart but will be able to keep growing strong and upright.

EVERY single day is of vital importance. Each second is decisive. Only when we strive to the limit of our ability to open the way ahead, seizing each moment and using it invaluably, will we ensure that a brilliant future awaits us.

EACH day, let us cheerfully meet with and encourage our fellow members, who are working so hard for kosen-rufu. Let us foster capable successors who will carry on our struggle. And let us vigourously enact a drama of continuous expansion.

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29th September

PLEASE be confident that your ichinen, or determination, to live in accord with the principles of “faith equals daily life” and “faith equals society”, as you aim towards kosen-rufu both night and day, will give rise to happiness in life which will shine as brilliantly as a diamond, throughout eternity.

I am not saying that the only way to be happy is to lead a perfect life, lacking in nothing. Nor is there any person who is perfect in every respect and completely free from anxiety and delusion. The Buddhist teaching of the Daishonin, and our attitude of faith as well, is that it is precisely suffering in and of itself, which builds the state of the happiness of complete freedom.

TO live only to flatter one’s superiors and seek their praise is a life of failure and defeat. Where is the true value of life to be found? The true glory and triumph of life are found in the continual effort to live among the people and suffer with them, to protect them, to serve them, and encourage them with every ounce of one’s strength. This is the noble tradition of the SGI.

SELF-CONFIDENCE comes from hard work and effort. You are deluding yourself if you think you can have self-confidence without it. Only those who strive to challenge some goals and work towards them at their own pace and in their own way, only those who keep trying, no matter how many times they may fail, can develop unshakeable confidence in them. Self-confidence is synonymous with an invincible will.

SOME people struggle in earnest. Some are defeated by struggle. And some give up without even trying. Only those who struggle until the very end can attain Buddhahood. Such people are life’s true winners.

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28th September

WHAT is the correct practice for us as practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism in modern times? It is propagating the Mystic Law. Nichiren Daishonin repeatedly emphasised that wide propagation of Nichiren Buddhism is the practice suited to the Latter Day of the Law.

TO get the results you are praying for, it is crucial to make determined, single-minded efforts towards that goal. That is the true path of manifesting faith in daily life. Those of you who proceed along this path day after day, year after year, will develop without fail – just like saplings growing into mighty trees – into people of outstanding strength and character as time goes by.

THE Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin expounds that Buddhahood is inherent and eternal within our own lives and that, therefore, the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light always exists where we are right now. Wherever we are, whatever our position, if we can accept the situation and remain determined to struggle on gladly, we will be undefeated. Those who can do this savour lives of glory and victory. In contrast, people with tiny, petty minds are full of complaints. Such people live lives of defeat and self-destruction.

DO not fret over little things. Enjoy your lives, enjoy your youth, and boldly move forward.

FAITH is like a mirror in which you can see your true self. It is a mirror for polishing your character. As you devote yourself to the Gohonzon and continue to polish your faith, you will come to know yourself naturally.

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27th September

THE great champion of American Civil Rights Movement, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, declared: “Religion endows us with the conviction that we are not alone in this vast, uncertain universe.” True religion teaches the basic principles of the universe; it teaches the eternity of life and a firm purpose for living. If we understand the true essence of life, we will never suffer from a sense of being alone in this universe.

WHEN you spend all your money, it is gone. Material things break, and they cannot enrich your self in any real, lasting sense. But the more you cultivate your innate individuality, the richer it becomes; the more you use and give expression to it, the richer it becomes. It never diminishes or disappears. Each of you possesses this wonderful treasure inside you. Life is the struggle to make that precious treasure shine.

AN adversary seeks out his opponents’ weak spots. The same is true in Buddhism. If our faith is weak, if we lack courage, if there are too few dedicated members, if we have no unity – that is the place negative forces will strike. They will not attack those areas where they know our defence is strong. That is why it is important to always be ready with strong faith, on every front.

EACH and every one of our daily activities, our spiritual battle for kosen-rufu may be thought of as one tiny seed. Eventually, each seed will send out a sprout, leaves will unfold. And one day the time will come when rich fruit ripens and it grows into a tall tree. We should not expect large rewards in a short time or be too eager for success. It takes time to grow and nurture into greatness.

YOU should be deeply aware that our battle for kosen-rufu, the will of Nichiren Daishonin, is an endless succession of obstacles, and severe struggles. If you pursue nothing but benefit with an easy going attitude, or if you practice faith in a passive, uneventful way, avoiding any kind of pain or challenge, you will never accomplish anything great.

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26th September

WHATEVER our individual circumstances, the important thing is how much we can develop and deepen our life condition. No matter what situation we may be in now, the great reward of faith lies in our ability to maintain a state of life which is overflowing with joy.

WE are not bound by the burden of sufferings of our past negative causes. The present is always a new departure. From the instance you decide to uphold the Mystic Law, you begin to ascend the road of eternal happiness from the present on into the future, through the great transformation effected by the concentrated mind. To keep from slipping off that path, you must devote yourself to the practice for yourself and for others. And proper guidance is also indispensable.

ALL you need is courage. The Daishonin said, “A coward cannot have any of his prayers answered.” (MW1, p246) Your prayers will not be fulfilled if you are a coward. Victory and glory are both born from courage.

STUDY is a torch that illuminates the path of faith. Even the subtle and complex onslaughts of negative forces become clear when illuminated in the bright light of Buddhism. Study builds a solid framework of our faith and spurs our human revolution.

NO matter how many fine words we may string together, they alone cannot produce unity or lead to victory. Unity comes from hearts joined together. The spirit of “many in body, one in mind” forms the basis for true unity.

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25th September

A small tree cannot stand up alone against a severe blizzard. Nor can a tree with weak or shallow roots face a violent storm. However, the great tree of inconspicuous benefit will never collapse or be toppled. Therefore, the roots of our faith must be strong and deep.

THE greater your being, the greater is the persecution inflicted on you. But in response to that greater persecution, a great person demonstrates greater wisdom and strength and opens up a vibrant new path. He converts the wind of persecution into a current to carry him aloft into a higher realm.

BUDDHISM teaches that “The voice does the Buddha’s work”. (Gosho Zenshu, p708) We must speak out. Our efforts to repeatedly speak with clarity, conviction and joy for the sake of kosen-rufu become the magnificent work of the Buddha.

NO one’s personality is flawless. Everyone, without exception, has some karma that renders them less than perfect. It is inevitable that there will be aspects of your personality that you do not like. But it is foolish to become obsessed by such things and succumb to feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness and consequently hinder your own growth.

HARD work is a priceless treasure for young people. Instead of putting on a performance to try to win popularity, please strive with all your might to protect your fellow members, and open the way for the triumph of kosen-rufu. Only through such genuine hard work will you earn the trust and confidence of the members of the Women and Men Divisions.

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24th September

THE 21st century is the century of the Youth Division. The full-fledged ascent of the lofty summit of kosen-rufu lies before you. There is no grander stage on which to live out your youth than that of the SGI. There is no stage of endeavour more wonderful – both from the perspective of its underpinning philosophy and its international scope. If you do not leave behind a great victory now, when will you?

WHILE it may seemed ideal to have any and all prayers answered automatically without any hard work or effort on our part, it is similar to eating nothing but sweets day in and day out. Without some kind of challenge, some real nourishment, we cannot hope to develop and forge ourselves nor truly gain a profound understanding and appreciation of faith. It is far better, therefore, to undergo hardships – especially when we are young.

BOTH faith and daily life are battles. Those who are truly exerting themselves in their daily lives based on sincere faith, not merely making a show of doing so, are able to make their entire lives healthy. If one loses the faith with which to continue fighting, one’s life will be assailed by devilish functions.

IN many cases, the strengths, depth and correctness of one’s faith are difficult to discern by appearance alone. After all, faith is an individual matter that can only be evaluated according to one’s inner state of life. In other words, it is based on causality which is engraved in the depths of one’s life.

YOU cannot be a great leader if you are defeated by your own weakness. One who maintains strong faith and lives his youth vigourously under any difficult circumstances will eventually grow into an excellent leader.

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23rd September

SMALL incremental efforts can lead to great victory in life. The same principle applies to our struggle for kosen-rufu. One-to-one dialogue sets the giant wheel of history in motion.

THOSE who spread the Law are most noble. We must not allow ourselves to be swayed by such things as social standing or wealth. We must not be defeated by the eight winds of life’s changing fortunes. Those who succumb to them are not disciples of Nichiren Daishonin.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN wrote: “The popular proverb says that ‘one is the mother of ten thousand’.” (MW5, p112) One truly capable person who stands up resolutely can lead ten thousand people to happiness. This one determined person is the basis for all victory. It is important to find such “individuals” and foster them, while at the same time, endeavouring to become such an “individual” oneself.

JUST as a well-nourished tree grows steadily, the eyes of a person who lives in harmony with the True Law will become those of the Buddha and the Law. To put it another way, the perspective that derives from faith is identical to observations made by the Buddha himself. Therefore, it is important to view everything from the standpoint of faith. Victory will be yours if you have the fundamental attitude in your daily life.

WHETHER or not you have courage will greatly influence your happiness. If you have courage, you can become a capable person within society. You can also overcome your own weakness, and direct your life from a course of negativity and suffering towards one of happiness and virtue.

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22nd September

ONE’S life changes from moment to moment. Whether these changes will lead you to improvement or to corruption depends on whether you possess a constant determination or ichinen to improve your life, along with the changes you experience from day to day.

THERE are many irrational events in the world which may cause one to wonder why they happen at all. Their true cause lies beyond the realm of the superficial, secular point of view that arises out of ignorance about the profound law of cause and effect, the determining factor of happiness or unhappiness. Without understanding this law, people have illusions which are irrational. In the end, only the eye of the Law and the eye of the Buddha can perceive the ultimate truth of all phenomena.

ACTION is either win or lose. Victory is determined by whether or not our actions contribute to the advancement of kosen-rufu. We lose if our actions do not create value and fail to bring about results. It is important to take action ourselves, rather than relying on others. Do not try to avoid adversity. We can develop into true leaders by confronting hardships with a strong determination.

EXERTING ourselves in the practice of gongyo each day amounts to what you might call a spiritual workout. It purifies and cleanses our life, gets our motor running, and puts us on the right course for the day. It gets our body and our mind working smoothly and puts us in rhythm, in sync, with the universe.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN wrote: “Life is limited; we must not begrudge it. What we should ultimately aspire to is the Buddha land.” (WND, p214) There is no retirement age in Buddhism. And there is no retirement from life. We must continue working all our lives, to our hearts’ content, for the sake of people’s happiness and for the sake of the Law. If we take ourselves away from the organisation’s activities, our lives will only be empty and lonely. We must proceed to the end on the path of kosen-rufu that we have chosen to walk in this lifetime.

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21st September

IF one lacks courage, all of his experiences of hardship will turn into complaints and resentment towards others. He will then lose confidence in faith, as well as the energy to move forward. As a result, he will feel nothing but loneliness and regret.

IT is always important to cherish hope. Though you are encouraged to be strong, it does not mean you should be overbearing. By strength I mean power that is peaceful and creative, one that exudes humanity and love. By hope, I mean the kind that embodies these qualities.

THAT you should “be well-liked” does not mean that you should court popularity or engage in flattery. What this indicates, rather, is a sense of trust that naturally arises in response to the great sincerity that you manifest in your concern for everyone’s happiness, and your sense of responsibility in struggling behind the scenes for the sake of everyone.

ONLY when we living things are connected to nature, engaged with nature, are we truly alive and vigourous. To really be alive, one must be under the sun, the moon, the shining stars, surrounded by beautiful greenery and pure waters of the natural world. A dirty, fouled environment is not natural. When people live in such surroundings, their hearts become polluted too. That is the oneness of life and the environment.

I have actualized, down to the letter, the vision cherished by my mentor for the creation of a great path of education, peace and culture. The entire and essence of the SGI can be found in this spirit of mentor and disciple. This is our solemn history. I wish to proclaim this for the sake of future generations.

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