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1st December

WE cannot win in our jobs unless we are in good health. The workplace is one of society's battlefields. Since Buddhism finds expression in society, we need to exhibit a strong life force in that realm in order to be victorious.

THOUGH our bodies may age, through participating in SGI activities our hearts and minds remain as bright and shining as the sun. We are youthful as long as we live. Those who work for others' happiness and for Buddhism remain vigourous and full of energy.

PEOPLE may circulate deceptive rumours and baseless accusations with the intent of wounding or harming others. But never allow yourself to be swayed by such malice in the least. Only you will lose out if you do. The vital thing is that you strive resolutely for kosen-rufu with an unshakeable spirit.

THE Daishonin’s teachings constitute our foundation. The Gosho is our eternal standard. When we view things in the light of the mirror of the Gosho, there is absolutely nothing that we need to fear, and furthermore, we are able to see through all malevolent scheming. How fortunate we are to possess such a mirror!

THE law of the Myoho is the fundamental principle which can fundamentally change this age of sadness and tragedy into one of absolute happiness. This is the purpose of our movement for kosen-rufu. It may seem like a detour, but there is no other way to open a definite path towards mankind’s happiness.

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30th November

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught that the Mystic Law possesses limitless power, permeating the entire universe. You already embrace the Mystic Law. Therefore, it is certain that you will enjoy prosperity and good fortune.

IT is important to continue your faith for first ten, then twenty and then thirty years. If you sincerely and straightforwardly strive in your faith, continuing to do so for thirty years, the roots of good fortune will sink deeply into your life and a great flower of happiness will definitely bloom.

THE two phases of life and death are inseparable. Through faith we are able to fill both phases with limitless happiness and contentment. The original Buddha guaranteed that the Mystic Law is the supreme staff that one may use eternally over the three existences of life.

THE true mission of religion is to give society joy and a sense of security. Moreover, the mission of Buddhist leaders is to give members delight and confidence. If you exert yourself as a leader without begrudging your life, encourage your friends warmly, encounter them with a smile, admire them and instill confidence in them, you can create a comfortable community where no impasse may thwart the advance of kosen-rufu.

THE power of one person is truly immense. Such power and strength cannot fail to become manifest in those who awaken to their mission as Bodhisattvas of the Earth. Such confidence is the point of departure for everything.

“THOSE with the heart of a lion king are sure to attain Buddhahood.” (WND, p302) Let us rise up and roar as lions! This is Nichiren Daishonin’s teaching. I hope that you will continue to strive even more vigourously with the indomitable heart of a lion king and surmount any and all obstacles you may encounter.

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29th November

THOSE who can always resolve, "I will make a new departure!", "I will construct something new!" will be victorious in the end. By contrast, those who think, "I have done enough already," are leading the lives of defeat.

ALL of our prayers and activities for kosen-rufu become good fortune and virtue that adorn our lives. And our life itself embodies the true entity of the Mystic Law. We are able to help many people form connections with Buddhism only to the extent that we take action and speak out.

IN Buddhism, zenchishiki, or good friends, are essential. You cannot seek the Way if you make mistakes in choosing who to follow. Only when you follow the proper leaders of kosen-rufu can you make great strides in developing yourself.

WHEN we fundamentally change our own lives through the great good of the Mystic Law and enable others to do the same, then even acts of medium and minor good will all come to have significant effect and value.

AS we advance towards kosen-rufu, the three obstacles and four devils (sansho shima) will definitely appear. Therefore, we must always be deeply determined to overcome any obstacle or hindrance to our accomplishing kosen-rufu and attaining Buddhahood.

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28th November

NICHIREN DAISHONIN stated in the Gosho, "Neither the pure land and hell exists outside ourselves; both lie within our own hearts." (MW2, p 239) Everything depends upon one's inner life, or ichinen. Therefore, what is important is one's heart. No matter how unfavourable the situation, it can be transformed into "the pure land" if you courageously address the problem by deciding that it is your Buddhist practice to develop yourself.

YOU must always maintain a seeking spirit. "Seeking the way" in Buddhism is an attitude that leads to profound happiness. Remember that a spirit to always seek the Law for the sake of your daily self-improvement is actual proof of your faith itself.

FAITH is the greatest of all treasures. Passing on correct faith to your children is the surest way for both parent and child and for the entire family as well, to walk the path of eternal happiness.

THE sun burns its own mass as fuel in order to illuminate the cosmic darkness, bring its light to the moon and the planets. Similarly, the courage of one individual who possesses a sprit that burns like the sun will touch and inspire countless others. This is the unchanging formula for achieving the spread of the Law, the most difficult of all undertakings.

TO encounter persecution because of one’s faith is in fact a wonderful thing. It is precisely one struggles to overcome hardships that one is able to create integrity. In an environment that is monotonous and placid, stagnancy and degeneration may overtake vivacity. It is because there are storms of great struggles that the blue sky of existence opens up and fresh vigour wells forth in one’s life.

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27th November

WHEN the seeds of Buddhahood are firmly rooted, they will naturally grow into a great tree of blessing and virtue, and produce the flowers and fruit of good fortune. In this way, I hope you will lead a life in which all desires are fulfilled. No matter what may happen, you must never cut the roots of your faith.

THE means to change hardship into happiness; suffering into growth; obstacles into development; and confusion into progress lies in our heart, in our single-minded determination. This is the essence of faith. Encountering a few difficulties is nothing at all to those who have solidly constructed their "inner kingdom".

CHALLENGE all difficulties with determination and composure. Those who persevere with unflagging passion and enthusiasm always win in the end. In contrast, those who give up and stop trying out of fear only wind up unhappy.

SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA exists in the lives of all those who are struggling for kosen-rufu. The power of the Bodhisattvas Universal Worthy and Medicine King – these are all contained in our lives. Therefore, wisdom cannot fail to well forth. We cannot possibly be defeated by the devil of illness. We are naturally able to manifest great life force.

THE bond of master and disciple is the prime point of life. It is not schooling that determines a person’s wisdom. In any age, in any world, the person who bases his or her life upon the master-disciple relationship is the one who will live life most wisely.

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26th November

LIFE is eternal. We need to focus on the two existences of the present and the future and not get caught up in the past. We must always have the spirit to begin anew "from this moment", to initiate a new struggle each day.

FAITH is not a matter of scholarly credentials. Nor is it a matter of understanding theory. Rather it comes down to conviction; infinite wisdom wells forth in the life of one who has faith of strong confidence in the Gohonzon.

HOW does one obtain the power to survive and break free from a restrictive destiny? The fundamental source of this power is nothing other than the Mystic Law, the Gohonzon and strong faith. In true Buddhism there is no sentimentality.

IN order to enjoy health and good fortune in your forties and fifties, in order to feel a sense of purpose and success in your daily endeavours, it is vital that you build a firm foundation for your life through your Buddhist practice while you are still young. For anything that is built on a weak foundation only crumbles.

A leader has to stand up in the vanguard. You must not simply leave everything up to others. It is the duty of leaders to rack their minds in an effort to enable everyone to advance with joy, self-confidence and soaring hope.

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25th November

GET up early in the morning and do gongyo. Fight productively and be full of enthusiasm in the evening, and get to bed earlier.

DO not look to others; look to yourself. If you make yours a meaningful life which you can say with calm objectively, "It was good. It was full of triumph," then you have lived a glorious life. The person with such a strong character is a happy person.

WHEN we are tired, we can sleep well. When we have worked hard, we can sleep all the more soundly. When we have worked at something with all our might, we are left with a sense of peace and well-being. Striving to realise our dreams is exhausting. But nothing is more satisfying or fulfilling.

BEHAVIOUR reveals faith. It might well be said that faith exists within action. If you take some action for the sake of other members, even though it might seem insignificant at the time, it will definitely come to assume brilliance over the course of time.

JUST because someone has a high standing in the organisation or status in society, that does not mean the person has faith. Someone who behaves arrogantly solely because he or she went to a prestigious school is the worst kind of person and is utterly lacking in character. Some people are flashy; some are modest. Some people have advanced degrees; some do not. Some people are wealthy; some are poor. While all people are different, the important question is who is truly happy.

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24th November

PRAYER is hope. It is the dawn of life. It sows the seeds of happiness. Those who challenge the future with prayer are sure to see continual improvement in their lives.

ALWAYS remember that victory or defeat in our battle to accomplish kosen-rufu depends upon a tremendous, diamond-like sense of indestructible determination engraved deep within the heart of each and every one of us. After all, Buddhism is "win" or "lose".

TO study the Gosho is to come into contact with the spirit of Nichiren Daishonin; it is to receive supreme encouragement and guidance directly from the original Buddha about faith and the propagation of Buddhism. Only when we take action in accord with the Gosho can we say that we have grasped the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.

NICHIREN Buddhism is focused squarely on human beings. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda, the first and second Soka Gakkai presidents, steadfastly spread the teaching among the people, who were labouring under extreme suffering. Buddhism and the advance of the SGI exist in dedicating ourselves to others and imparting joy, causing flowers of happiness and victory to blossom, and in unfurling the “banner of justice” in society.

THE prime of life for the men’s division is the time for putting the finishing touches on one’s life. Ultimate victory in life is determined by the extent to which one has struggled for kosen-rufu and for the happiness of others. Furthermore, all of one’s efforts become one’s eternal treasure. No efforts for the sake of faith are wasted. One can make one’s life shine only to the extent that one exerts oneself for the sake of the Law and for the sake of others.

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23rd November

FOR us who practise Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, spiritual strength means the power of prayer. All kinds of things happen in the course of life. There are difficult times; times when we find ourselves deadlocked, times when we cannot see what lies ahead. For precisely this reason, we need to make prayer our foundation in life. Only with the sword of daimoku (prayer) can we defeat life's devilish functions.

HUMAN revolution, in other words, refers to raising one's gaze beyond one's restricted, ordinary, everyday world and striving for and dedicating oneself to achieving something more lofty, more profound, more all-embracing.

FOUNDING President Makiguchi said, "As human beings, we must continually advance. And we must do so with a sense of purpose. Of course, we will inevitably experience failure and make mistakes along the way. Such times are opportunities to self-reflect. Without self-reflection, we cannot progress. However, self-reflection is not the same as regret, even though they are often confused. Nothing can come of regret. Self-reflection leads to advancement." His words are truly profound.

DEVOTE yourselves and your lives to kosen-rufu, the noblest, eternal and imperishable labour. Never forget the glory of being one of the disciples of the Daishonin. Never lose the pride of being cubs of the Lion King.

THOSE of you who studied the profound Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, teach the unhappy the way to happiness and guide and encourage those who are suffering, will actually enjoy a tremendous state of life, creating great value through your movement. You should also have pride that you have gained tremendous wisdom through your practice of true Buddhism.

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22nd November

DYNAMIC growth begins with a positive determination. An unflagging effort is the key to breaking through our self-limitations. Faith is a never-ending process of challenging ourselves.

HUMAN beings cannot grow without undergoing hardship. People cannot become great without struggling. Those who are not trained and tempered by difficulty will be lacking in fortitude. In this sense, those who possess firm resolve are strong. They do not waver. They do not grumble or complain. They do not have any regret. They never become stagnant.

KOSEN-RUFU is a battle for the sake of all humanity. That is why those who are devoted to kosen-rufu live lives that are open to the entire world and all humanity. Kosen-rufu is the sacred labour that is eternal and imperishable. That is why people who are devoted to kosen-rufu shine with eternal and imperishable light.

NEVER cause stupid accidents. Act with common sense.

PRESIDENT TODA said: “Youth who oversleep and arrive late for work in the morning will not succeed. Morning is crucial; it decides victory or defeat. Brim with lively energy amid the fresh breath of morning. Therein lies the key to great growth.” Youth who are tardy in the morning will not succeed in life. The success or failure of an organisation or group is decided by the kind of start it makes in the morning. This is a universal rule.

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