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31st March

IT does not matter if we are not gifted speakers. What matters is making consistent efforts to talk to others in a way that is most natural for each of us. It is vital not to remain silent in the face of injustice or wrongdoing, no matter what the other person's status or position. If we chant powerful daimoku and take action, results will definitely appear. The causal law of Buddhism is extremely rigourous. The key point is that we ourselves become strong.

WHAT was Thomas Edison's secret to success? He explained that it was absolutely never to give up before he had succeeded in what he was trying to do. Not giving up - that is the only way. Once you give up, you are defeated. This is equally true in the realm of faith. Quitting is not faith. We have to keep chanting until our prayers are answered. That is the correct way of prayer.

EVERYTHING is in motion. Life is constantly moving. The universe, too, is in motion. To live is to move. Advancement equals life. Stagnation equals death. A top is stable because it spins. Once it stops spinning, it cannot remain upright.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught that what counts in Buddhism is whether you win or lose. The same way may be said of human life. To win, you must become strong. If a person is fainthearted, he/she will only be held in contempt. In this evil age of the Latter Day of the Law, if you are weak and lack real capability, you will be defeated. On the other hand, if you summon forth courage and develop ability, you will definitely be able to defeat an arrogant foe.

OVER the long course of your life, you may at times find yourself deadlocked at work, at school or in your daily affairs. However, these are phenomena of daily life and society which lie on a different plane than faith and are not themselves the essence of faith. Therefore, you must never allow yourself to be swayed by such superficial matters and risks losing your faith entirely.

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30th March

NICHIREN Daishonin stated, "Only by defeating a powerful enemy can one prove one’s real strength." This is a truth that applies to all spheres of life. Youth must never be cowards or weak-spirited individuals who are constantly defeated. I would like you to become ever-victorious champions who win one decisive victory after another in all the various "battlefields" of life and society. Winning in life is the purpose of faith; it is also a testimony of the power of faith.

FAITH is just not an abstract idea. It is something you should develop through practice. In order to master faith through action, one must practise as the gosho teaches. Therefore, if one cannot put into action the lessons taught in the gosho, applying them from the standpoint of faith, then one's faith cannot truly be called deep.

IT is vital to have a resilient spirit so that, without complaints or feelings of disaffection, you are able to always look on the bright side of the situation and find it a source of hope and happiness. Such is the wisdom to achieve victory in life. Again, it is faith that enables us to manifest such wisdom. I hope that, viewing all travails with composure, you will lead a life of dignity and happiness.

THE Daishonin's writings and the myriad of Buddhist teachings are all embraced in the ultimate Law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Those who do not understand the Daishonin’s writings but have deep faith and strive to spread the Mystic Law are, through their faith and through their actions, "reading" those writings with their lives. Such people would surely be praised by the original Buddha.

ENCOUNTERING a good book is like encountering a great teacher. Reading is a privilege only human beings are endowed with; no other living creature on this planet has the same capacity. Through reading, we are able to come into contacts with hundreds and thousands of lives other than our own, and to commune with sages and philosophers who lived as long as two millennia ago.

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29th March

IN the realm of faith, there must be absolutely no discrimination on the basis of such things as academic background, titles or social status. The goal of Nichiren Buddhism is achieving kosen-rufu. We should advance in accordance with the instruction of the Daishonin. It is not people who boast high academic credentials or social position who are worthy of the greatest respect, but people who possess sincere faith.

EVERYTHING hinges on strong faith. Those whose faith is strong will be kept safe from harm by the protective forces of the universe. Strong faith means to possess unbeatable resolve, compassion, prudence, courage, wisdom and good fortune.

IN Buddhism, the most frightening thing is the destruction of the mind, the spirit. Such destruction not only ruins one's present life but destroys the jewel of life throughout the three existences of past, present and future.

HAPPINESS means to live with composure, enjoying every aspect of our lives, continually discovering hope and joy. Herein lies the purpose of our faith, as well as the ultimate purpose and ideal of life.

ALTHOUGH some may speak of "benefit" or "punishment", these things are ultimately determined by one's own practice. You know better than anyone whether you are feeling joy or pain, or suffering. No one else can tell you these things. A deep sense of happiness can be nowhere but within your own heart.

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28th March

BEFORE you complain, challenge the walls in front of you. This is the courageous way of fighting for kosen-rufu and the spirit of human revolution.

THE Devil of Sixth Heaven is the devilish function of life that manipulates people's hearts and attempts to dominate their lives as well. All living beings are influenced by the functions of the devil king, and wander about in the state of endless suffering. By what means can we bring this evil cycle to a halt? This is possible only through strong faith in the Gohonzon, which is the Lotus Sutra of Latter Day of the Law.

THE person who does not allow himself/herself to be distracted by little things but continues trying is already living in the dimension of eternity. The lazy person who is defeated by his/her own weakness and desires is already approaching spiritual death.

THOSE who tenaciously persevere in faith will definitely succeed on establishing happy lives. We can transform all our hardships and sufferings into causes for happiness - changing poison into medicine. All of our efforts will become the fuel that propels us towards attaining a state of life in which we enjoy unsurpassed happiness in lifetime after lifetime; they will become joyful memories of our existence in this world.

FAITH equals daily life. Buddhism is manifested in society. Our day-to-day conduct and our steady daily efforts are important. Just believing that everything will be all right as long as we chant daimoku is not the correct attitude of a genuine Buddhist. Buddhism is the law of cause and effect. The benefit of daimoku really comes to shine when we study hard, make efforts, and do our best in all endeavours. And our earnest daimoku is what fuels those actions.

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27th March

IT is absolutely forbidden for any SGI leaders to borrow money from or lend money to fellow members. Problems arising from such loans can result not only in trouble and grief for the parties involved, but in distrust and confusion spreading throughout the organisation. I state once again that what matters most is not money, fame or position, but one's heart.

IT is beneficial to study the doctrines of Buddhism. The more we study them, the more it reinforces our understanding and deepens our appreciation of the excellence and profundity of Buddhism, which in turn serves to strengthen our faith and conviction. The fundamental purpose of our Buddhist study is to fortify the power of our faith and practice.

"TRY" is a little word, but big things - victory and glory - can be found within it. The sight of someone trying, no matter what obstacles one faces, no matter what the circumstances are, is the sight of victory itself.

PRAYERS offered based on the Mystic Law for the repose of a deceased parent constitute the highest form of filial piety. The Daishonin stated that one who carries out such filial actions will definitely be protected by the Buddhist gods.

IT is vital to deepen your "roots of faith". If the roots of your faith are deep, you will never be toppled by the winds of impermanence. The "branches" of complete fulfilment will then grow, and the "fruit" of your change in destiny towards the attainment of Buddhahood will ripen. The accumulation of many experiences in faith, along with your daily practice and effort, will nourish the root of your faith and allow them to spread and deepen.

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26th March

THE power of daimoku is invincible. Through daimoku, there is no situation we cannot change, no obstacle we cannot surmount, no battle in kosen-rufu or in daily life we cannot win. As long as we possess strong faith, we can, at every moment, turn wherever we are into a Land of Tranquil Light.

THROUGH life-to-life encouragement in faith, we can polish our character and deepen our faith. Through encouraging one another in various ways, we can deepen our faith and secure a course along the correct path in life. The way of faith is profound; you cannot continue to walk it alone.

A single day of work for kosen-rufu rivals a year or even two years of living without such a goal when one considers the worth of the golden light it releases. That is because each day, each instant determines to what extent our life will be filled with blessing and merit.

ESPECIALLY since Buddhism teaches the true path of humanity, in the realm of Buddhism, there can be no excuse for such ingratitude as scorning and trampling on those who have helped you, for thinking only of yourself and not caring about anyone else. This is completely divorced from the true path of humanity.

AS human beings, we are polished and forged in the great sea of humanity. We are able to build a solid self through coming into contact and interacting with all kinds of people, young and old alike. It is the same in the realm of faith. We block off the path to our own happiness if we succumb to selfish faith that is disconnected from the SGI. That is what makes a harmoniously united organisation of faith so important.

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25th March

THE spirit of mutual respect is the essence of Buddhist humanism. It is the profound teaching of Shakyamuni and Nichiren Daishonin. It is the light of hope that can transform the cycle of war and violence. The significance of your efforts to widely communicate the teachings of Buddhism is immense indeed.

BUDDHISM is concerned with reality. There is no such thing as Buddhism divorced from reality. Practising faith does not mean that your life will be free of the "mud" of suffering. It means acquiring the life force not to be defeated by suffering. In fact, it is necessary to have lots of struggles. Faith means developing the state of life to be able to enjoy even the challenge of facing and overcoming our hardships.

THOSE who toil in the shadows, enduring hardships unselfishly for the sake of kosen-rufu are truly respectworthy. You must put your whole heart into your efforts for kosen-rufu, sincerely and honestly. Such a spirit will surely reach the Gohonzon.

BUDDHIST believers who live with a sense of mission are never alone when they walk or involve themselves in any activity. They are surrounded by the four bodhisattvas who are always with them. These bodhisattvas are your allies. They will always protect you. I want you to be deeply convinced of this fact.

I hope the members of the youth division will forge ahead courageously along the great road to kosen-rufu and the correct path of faith. While basing yourselves on the Gohonzon, please advance towards kosen-rufu, the will of Nichiren Daishonin, and live the days of your youth most meaningfully.

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24th March

YOUR efforts to study the gosho, no matter how busy your schedule or how difficult it may be to understand, are an expression of your seeking mind. Whether you understand it or not, I hope you will make an effort to read at least one passage or phrase of the gosho daily.

PEOPLE who walk a lot, who move a lot, are healthy in both mind and body. In the face of our rapidly aging society, walking will gain a higher and higher reputation. And on top of this, there is no more laudable movement than walking about for the sake of kosen-rufu.

IN life, there are times when we experience sickness; there are times when we find ourselves deadlocked. We have various sufferings and worries. However, those who believe in the Mystic Law, persevere in chanting daimoku, and dedicate themselves to kosen-rufu are able to change their worries into cause to experience ever greater happiness. For this reason, no matter what might happen, a place where such people are is an enlightened land.

DO not make excuses; take responsibility for your own life and resolve to be victorious. If you allow yourself to be defeated, all the excuses in the world will get you nowhere. Defeat is a defeat no matter how eloquently you may try to justify yourself. The important thing is to win where you are right now; to achieve victory without fail.

THE SGI is a realm of faith. The most important things in that realm are faith and personal character. We are studying, if you like, at the "people's university" of the SGI. This "SGI University" is the best university in the world, where we learn how to live as human beings.

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23rd March

RELIGION serves as a foundation for people's lives. When people possess a solid inner foundation of humanistic faith, then economics, philosophy and education can begin to fulfil their highest purpose. That is why a humanistic religious movement will inevitably be a movement dedicated to improving society and realising peace for all humankind. It is with this conviction that we of the SGI have developed our movement for peace, culture and education based on Buddhism.

CHARACTER and integrity are very important. A spirit of mutual respect and trust is a vital basis for real friendship. That said, there might naturally be times when you have arguments and disagreements with your friends. But there should always be an underlying spirit of respect and consideration for each other, no matter how close you are. In friendship, you must not think only of yourself.

WHEN something happens, the mind of a person who has not received training, of a self-conceited person, immediately becomes agitated and is swayed. If one's mind does not become settled, then one cannot advance straight ahead along the path of happiness on which attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime lies.

I cannot tell you how much I hope and pray that you will tenaciously carry on with courageous faith for the eternal prosperity of yourselves, your immediate families and all your relatives.

THE gosho stated, "Myo means to open," and "Myo means to revitalise." Faith opens the way for changing all problems and sufferings into happiness, joy and hope, giving us fresh vitality. Based on the principle of "substituting faith for wisdom", we can unlock the essential wisdom we possess within us.

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22nd March

SOME people seem to be active for a while, but eventually disappear from our movement for kosen-rufu. Almost without exception, such people are negligent in their daily practice of gongyo. Those who neglect doing gongyo will eventually lose their ability to grasp any points of faith or to accept guidance, no matter how great it may be.

ONE of my mottos is that waves get rougher every time they encounter an obstacle. Another is that the true hero is one who is strong when he rises up alone. These have been my convictions from the time I was sixteen.

TO live honestly and straightforwardly in the world of kosen-rufu. To always continue struggling forward. To persevere in the practice for oneself and for others. Through such efforts, the "heart" of faith will solidify. The world of Buddhahood exists in faith that is forged in such a fashion.

YOUR practice of gongyo and daimoku is not an obligation, it is a right. The Gohonzon will never demand that you chant to it. An attitude of appreciation in being able to chant to the Gohonzon is the heart of faith. The more you exert yourself in faith - in doing gongyo and chanting daimoku - the more you stand to gain.

"I am happy. For I uphold the unsurpassable Mystic Law" - just talk to others about Buddhism with this conviction. No matter what your present circumstances, everyone who chants and spreads the Mystic Law is an emissary of the Buddha. I hope you will all take great pride in the fact that you are accumulating immeasurable good fortune and walking a direct course to eternal happiness.

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